Mermaids and pirates arrive for lessons at William Stukeley Primary School.

Yo-ho-ho, Holbeach pupils are all at sea!

There were mermaids and pirates galore at one South Holland school this week.

Eye patches, tricorn hats and moustaches were the order of the day for the pirates at William Stukeley Primary School, Holbeach on Monday.

Their mermaid counterparts were all shells, scales and sequins for the event.

The children rotated around a variety of activities from Steal the Treasure to Pass the Rum.

There was even the chance to make grog to cure the scurvy and the resulting fruit juice was tasted by the captains – who are otherwise known as adults.

Cleaning treasure with vinegar, Coke and lemonade provided a science lesson.

Making pirate flags and learning the meaning of colours and symbols was another activity enjoyed by the Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage children.

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