Alex Pickwell and Megan.

Three marathons for dog charity

A Quadring man is to run three marathons in six weeks for a dog charity that helped him find a new best friend.

Alex Pickwell is to run the Boston Marathon, the Rob Burrow Marathon in Leeds and Cork Marathon in Ireland for the Central German Shepherd Rescue.
Through the charity he got his dog Megan.
“I can attest to the amazing work and continued support of those who run and volunteer with the Central German Shepherd Rescue,” he said. “The charity is dedicated to the rescue, foster and re-homing of German Shepherds in need, to provide care and treatment for those unwanted or neglected dogs, and to educate people about the German Shepherd breed.
“It is entirely supported by donations and run only by volunteer efforts.”
The 39-year-old says he wanted to do something active before his 40th birthday.
He’d previously run marathons in 2018 and 2019 but then fell out of the sport.
“I only started running again in the middle of last year, partly due to the COVID restrictions. Training is currently going very well, with longer runs exceeding 20 miles.
“I chose these three races as the Boston Marathon is the most local marathon to the CGSR and where I live.
“Cork City, Ireland, Marathon was chosen as my partner is originally from there and we’ll be taking some well earned respite following the hopefully successful completion of the run.
“The Leeds Marathon was chosen as the date of the event fell nicely, and I previously spent time in the city when I studied at the University of Leeds.”
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