Teams take hammering during six 6-0 victories

It was whitewash wins galore in the Spalding and District Snooker League on Thursday night as six teams won their matches 6-0.

Four of the results came in Division Two and two in Division Three.
Consti B, Donington A, Consti F and Services D got the wins in the second division, while Holbeach F followed last week’s 6-0 win with another and Consti J hammered Donington D in Division Three.
Consti B and Donington A have maintained joint top place thanks to wins over Gosberton D and Pyramid B respectively, while Services D’s win over Whittlesey C has put them in third.
Consti F hammered Gosberton A in their match.
Elsewhere in the division Services B went down 4-2 at home at Donington B. Phil Burrell (scr), Gav Lewis (O7) and Mick Clark (R7) getting the wins in that one.
Holbeach A beat friendly foe Holbeach B 4-2.
Winners were Sean Swinburn (O49), Stuart Atkin (O42) and Mathew Smith (O35).
In a club clash Pyramid A came out on top, beating the D team 4-2.
Victor Rouse (R7), John Twell (scr) and Dean Cole (O14) got the points for the A team.
In Division Three, Holbeach F, who were demoted at the end of last season, made it two 6-0 wins on the bounce.
They got the better of Pyramid E thanks to wins from Peter Ransome (O28), David Lefley (R28), Susan Lefley (R28), Alex Bourne (O21) and Dan Mayfield (O28) and now sit at the top of the table with 16 points from three matches.
In second place are Consti J who beat Donington D 6-0.
Winners for Consti were Adam Braybrook (scr), Les Andrew (scr), Nev Vickers (scr), Trev Braybrook (R14) and Stewart Davies (O14).
Whittlesey B boosted themselves into fourth place with a 5-1 win over Gosberton C.
Andy Skutela (R14), Michael Foster (O14), John Skutela (scr) and Kerry Skutela were the winners, with Mark Payne (O7) winning the final frame to grab a point for Gosberton.
After losing 6-0 last week, Gosberton B bounced back to a 4-2 win over Whittlesey A.
Nigel Goodwin (R21), Simon Slinger (R14) and Stuart Ruskin (R7) were the winners for Gosberton, while Jason Clarke (scr) and Steve Jennings (O21) got the frames for Whittlesey.
Up in the first division, three teams are tied in first place with 11 points – Donington C, Holbeach C and Holbeach D.
A 5-1 win at Holbeach D pushed Donington up the table. Wins from Neil Reynolds (O56) (pictured), who knocked in a 44 break, Shaun Pickering (R14), Neil Favell (O7) and Mick Pearl (O21), saw them to victory.
Holbeach C had a 4-2 win away to Pyramid C.
Holbeach’s points came from Dan Ashton (O7), Terry West (R7) and Mark Gregory (O42).
Pyramid’s winners were Richard Skellett (O21) and Jason Green (O56), who got breaks of 31 and 22 on his way to beating Nick Edwards (R7).
Services C beat Boundary A 4-2. Wins came from Geoff Hemsil (R28), Kevin Fitter (O14) and Mark Spiller (O7).
Consti G and Consti E both racked up 4-2 wins, while clubmates Consti H went down 4-2 at home to Services A.
Services’ Vince Fitter (O35), Martin Spencer (O21) and Phil Spencer (O7) were the winners, while Mark German (O28) and Seb Grimston (O28) got the points for Consti.
Results: Division One – Consti E 4 Bourne SC B 2, Holbeach D 1 Donington C 5, Pyramid C 2 Holbeach C 4, Bourne SC A 2 Consti G 4, Services C 4 Boundary A 2, Consti H 2 Services A, Sutton Bridge v Holbeach E postponed.
Division Two – Pyramid A 4 Pyramid D 2, Holbeach A 4 Holbeach B 2, Services B 2 Donington B 4, Gosberton A 0 Consti F 6, Whittlesey C 0 Services D 6, Consti B 6 Gosberton D 0, Donington A 6 Pyramid B 0.
Division Three – Holbeach F 6 Pyramid E 0, Donington D 0 Consti J 6, Gosberton C 1 Whittlesey B 5, Whittlesey A 2 Gosberton B 4, Consti I v Consti D postponed, Whittlesey A 5 Boundary B 1 (rearranged match).

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