Police warning after spate of attempted car thefts in Spalding

A spate of attempted thefts of keyless vehicles in Spalding has led to police offering advice to owners.

Four attempted thefts of high-powered vehicles were reported in the early hours of Wednesday, February 28 with two being successful.

Police believe the incidents were linked.

Thieves made an unsuccessful attempt at stealing a Volvo vehicle on Osier Road at around 2.40am.

Police believe they then stole a blue BMW 840I M SPORT from Carrington Close at around 6.40am.

A grey Audi Q4 E-TRON was taken around 15 minutes later from Larkspur Way while there was also an attempt to steal an Audi from a nearby road at 9.20am.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police, said: “We are urging owners of keyless vehicles to remain vigilant after a string of thefts in the south of Lincolnshire.

“The culprits are using relay equipment to boost the signal of an electronic car key within the home, to open a vehicle outside. They are doing this by holding an antenna towards the property.

“We’ve also seen a rise in the number of car theft attempts and while unsuccessful, we wish to warn our communities and highlight steps you can take to remain safe.

“Vehicle owners can purchase a faraday bag, which are used to block electromagnetic fields and stop criminals from accessing electronic car keys remotely.

“Those with Secured by Design accreditation work best.

“You can check the effectiveness of the bag by securing the keys inside and walking towards the vehicle and checking it doesn’t unlock.

“Additionally, some key fobs can be “turned off” but individual vehicle owners will need to check if this is possible with manufacturers and local dealerships.

“The use of CCTV can also act as a deterrent and valuable evidence gathering tool for police if your vehicle is targeted.

“Wheel locks can also render your vehicle immobile and difficult for thieves to bypass.

“Officers in the area are doing everything they can to bring the thieves to justice and are pursuing all lines of enquiry available to them.

“We don’t wish to spark alarm, but we do want people to be safe and equipped with the knowledge they need to protect their property.

“We are investigating these crimes and would welcome any information from members of the public.

“If you’ve seen these vehicles in these areas at these times, please get in touch. Or if you know where they are or have information that could help us locate these vehicles, contact us.

“You can call 101, quoting one of the above incidents, or you can contact DC Matt Wharton by emailing matt.wharton@lincs.police.uk using one of the incident numbers in the subject line.”

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