Police publish strategy for South Holland

Lincolnshire Police has published its 2024 plan for South Holland.

Tackling issues ‘that really matter to the local community’ is a key pledge in the document.
“This plan will allow a focus of going back to basics and prioritising our resources,” said Insp Matt Dickinson.
“The examination of police data alongside continued engagement with the public and partners will allow an understanding and focus on when and where crimes and anti-social behaviour takes place.
“Partnership work will robustly tackle this, focusing on areas that are identified to have higher levels of harm, vulnerability and the greatest need,” he added.
According to the 16-page document, the three areas which ‘underpin’ the neighbourhood policing plan for this year are to stop crime and anti-social behaviour, protect people from harm and help those in need.
The force will foster close working relationships with both primary and secondary schools.
Youth engagement officers and the crime prevention team will work with the next generation.
Anti-social behaviour is a key area which will have focused resources, including town centres.
Officers will work with the district council to support vulnerable people and those who have addictions.
“In partnership we will seek to get those who need support signposted and deal robustly with those who choose not to engage,” says the document.
Working with the community is also fundamental to help people feel safe, including the road safety team.
“Local community speed watch will be promoted to encourage the public to become involved,” the strategy says.
“We will listen to the views of all our communities, setting community priorities across the district in consultation with you,” it adds.
Pubwatch and Shopwatch schemes will also be supported as will tackling illegal substances, from drugs to illegal vapes.
Developing intelligence to crackdown on drugs and working with other agencies for illegal products being sold across the counter, are also highlighted.
Officers will continue to hold public engagements on a regular basis.
Operations such as Galileo, which focuses on rural crime – particularly hare coursing – are highlighted.
“We will continue to work towards disrupting this activity with the Rural Crime Action Team,” the strategy says.
The full details of the strategy can be found here.

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