Plans for new town music fest

A new music festival/carnival is set to take place in Spalding next July.

Ayscoughfest is to take place on Saturday, July 27.
Coun Mark Le Sage has began organising the event and is enlisting the help of Spalding Town Forum.
“Ayscoughfest is a one-day mini music festival promoting local music,” he said. “We’re lucky to have Ayscoughfee and it’s about utilising that, but we could have other events on in the town.
“We want to start off small and we hope it will grow into something bigger.”
The forum discussed how it could already be bigger including extending out into Spalding town centre itself.
Coun Ingrid Sheard said: “It’s a brilliant idea to put something in the town. It could be like a mini-carnival.
“It would be a fantastic opportunity to bring communities together.
“It’s something we could bring an international food element to.
“Food and music brings us all together.”
Further discussions were held about the date being in the summer holidays and also about how it could be funded.
Coun Le Sage said he’d been working on grants while Coun Rob Gibson said it could be something that councillors could contribute to from the budgets they’re provided to donate to their wards.
“During pumpkin weekend the amount of people and smiling faces brings it home to me what being a councillor is about and I’d like to see if there’s more of it,” Coun Gibson said. “It would be nice to come forward and put another event on for the time.
“I’d like to see it be something done on a yearly basis and change it as we go forward.”

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