Callum Brazzo

New fashion brand inspired by autism

A Spalding man has launched his own clothing brand inspired by his autism.

Callum Brazzo has launched Aut Coutre online which is aiming to be a ‘fashion and lifestyle brand that celebrates neurodiversity’.
The 31-year-old says he was inspired to do this after being after being stuck in a queue at a coffee shop.
“That may seem uneventful to some, but for me, my autistic experience informs my heightened sense of personal space and sometimes anxiety,” Callum explains on the Aut Coutre website. “Think of it being like a car driving so close behind you that you might have a crash if you stop. It makes you uncomfortable and might even cause you to panic.
“I decided that I needed something that told be people that I am autistic and preferred a bit of space.
“Whilst I may often look ‘okay,’ I can get overwhelmed.
“I thought enough was enough and set myself the task of designing a one-off t-shirt that would hope to help people understand more about my, and others’, experiences.”
Callum teamed up with his brother Aaron Brazzo to help launch the business and designed the clothes himself.
“I typically dress for comfort first but with Aut Couture, it’s not so much about the fashion but the purpose and unifying messages behind the clothing,” Callum said. “You will look good in the clothes too though.
“It’s been a learning process but I’ve enjoyed it so much.
“The passion behind this project has always been there as an autistic man initially finding his way through poetry and now expanding with Aut Couture as another form of expression.
“I’m a walking advertisement when I’m out and about.
“I think that’s an essential part of Aut Couture and what sets small businesses apart more generally.”
The clothing can be seen and purchased from the email address

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