More places at Gosberton

Further places for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities will be created with the expansion of Gosberton House Academy.

There is a high demand for special school places, and more than 50 per cent of schools are already well over their capacity, says a report by developer Kier to Lincolnshire County Council.
Less than 30 per cent of SEND pupils attend their nearest school and ‘the impact of excessively long journeys on pupils and families cannot be under estimated,’ says the statement of need.
Improvements at the school have been delayed due to issues with cost and a feasibility.
If the application is granted, work is set to be completed in time for the autumn 2024 term.
“At present a significant number of pupils are educated in out of county placements as Lincolnshire schools have stated they cannot meet the special educational needs of a particular learner,” says the supporting document.
The work will be done as part of the £100m investment by the county council into specialist provision.
Gosberton school will have a new block of four classrooms, a suite of therapy spaces and hygiene spaces. An external play area will be accessed from each classroom.
The school was built in 1956 and is within a Conservation Area, established in 1972.
Car parking will also expand to cater for up to 70 staff.

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