LETTERS – Turned away for shopping with carer

We have been going to Morrisons every Saturday morning, even when there is a large amount of people waiting to get in the store.

I am so disgusted over what happened this Saturday.

I am badly disabled, 69-year-old and I take my friend as I lean over the trolley as my legs give way.

I do not bring my scooter, as we usually have a lot of shopping to do.

So we turned up and at that time of morning there was hardly anyone in the store.

You can tell by the cars in the car park and we were the only ones at the door.

The man said only one of us could go in. I explained that I’m disabled but he still said only one of us could go in.

How could I have gone in? My legs could have given way while trying to do the shopping. He then told us they had changed the rules.

Come on, I am badly disabled and they know me in the store.

The money I have spent in there, all I can say is the attitude of Morrisons over this stinks.

I told him we would go to Sainsbury’s and told him he could put the trolley away.

Do Morrisons not want my money? Treating a disabled person this way, I really was disgusted.

We have never had a problem with the other supermarkets in the town.

Why has Morrisons changed the rules for disabled people who need a carer to go shopping with them? I could have understood it if the store had been busy.

I have a good mind to tear up my store card.

Never in my life have we ever been turned away from a supermarket.

I would like to know their answer as to why they have changed the rules against disabled people.

Aaron Woods

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