LETTERS – Proud to support remain over no deal

It’s now becoming clear that the new Prime Minister is prioritising no deal over leaving with a deal.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have written to the prime minister to advise that ‘no deal Brexit is simply not an option’.

In terms of my area in particular the National Farmers Union has stated no deal would be ‘catastrophic’ and ‘must be avoided at all costs’.

Who remembers the Vote Leave promises during the campaign? It was going to be sunlit uplands, we were going to be doing deals every week, we can have our fish and chips wrapped in newspaper again (a UK law rather than an EU one – typifies the ill-education on this topic).

Now it appears inevitable that no deal, which let’s be clear, no one voted for, will be happening. Now it’s just “we will manage, believe in Britain, Dunkirk spirit, stiff upper lip old chap”. Well I don’t want to “just manage”.

I am sick and tired of being labelled a ‘Remoaner’ because I have serious doubts about a no deal exit.

I am sick and tired of being told that I am ‘unpatriotic’ because I do not ‘believe in Britain’ because I do not believe that having a ‘no deal Brexit’, which has now turned into some ridiculous vanity project for these hard right opportunists to spout their rubbish and exploit the vulnerable, will work for every day people bar the elites in our society who can quickly scurry their money away in off shore accounts.

Well no thanks and not on my watch, if you’re going to continue peddling no deal, which will devastate my area which already has sadly little to look forward to due to years of poor governance, then I will fight tooth and nail to remain, no ifs, no buts.

You are failing in your patriotism if you support Brexit without a deal.

If you support the decimation of what little is left of our manufacturing, and feel supporting Brexit will see the National Anthem back on the close off of your TV sets, Britain as a global force in the air and on the seas, then you are sadly mistaken, and misunderstand Britain’s history and our place in the world.

I am proud to be British and proud to support remain over no deal until the end.

Mark Popple
via email

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