LETTERS – Don’t hear the barking at dog run

I see Mr G Smith has again written to raise objections to the dog exercise area in Holbeach and I would like to respond to his two main points.

I agree with him that keeping the far gate locked is not a sensible move, although not only for the reasons that Mr Smith sets out.

I feel it is dangerous as the exercise area has effectively become a trap.

Should an unfriendly or uncontrolled dog enter the area from Park Road there is no alternative exit.

This is the reason that I and other dog owners I have spoken to do not use the exercise area.

Not all dogs are friendly and not all owners are responsible.

However I must dispute the assertion that there are dogs barking ‘from dawn until dark’.

I walk my dog around the area, through the churchyard or through Mondemont Close and along Park Road at least six days a week, usually in the afternoon but at times in the morning.

Not only do I very seldom see a dog in the exercise area but I have never heard a dog bark.

Following Mr Smith’s previous letter I actually sat in the park and churchyard for a while on a couple of occasions to listen but there was no barking.

Other local people have also said there is no noise.

Of course I accept that there must be barking at times but Mr Smith’s gross exaggeration does nothing to enhance his case.

Miss D Clarke,

Chapelgate, Sutton St James

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