LETTERS – Can Tories justify food banks?

Another interesting letter from Mr Sadd detailing the harsh facts of Conservative inspired austerity (02/01/20).

Unfortunately it seems that most voters appreciate neither facts nor evidence, preferring instead puerile slogans and false promises.

In the same issue Mr Barnes wrote in a similar vein and referred to demoralised public servants.

May I quote Noam Chomsky: “The standard technique of privatization: defund, make sure things don’t work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital.”

Recently there has been references to investigations into the media and particularly the BBC, the role of the judiciary and the functioning of the Civil Service.

This should be of great concern to everyone but I suspect many will not be interested. History has numerous examples of this and the consequences.

This newspaper, through the good offices of the editor, has published numerous letters outlining the policy failures and dangers of the current administration.

Many have asked for a detailed response from those in power, including our MP, all to no avail.

There is one matter which should be an embarrassment to everyone and particularly the Government and I would therefore like to invite any member of the Tory party to justify the existence of food banks in this day and age.

I Sloan
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