LETTER: Young people: think again

Young people who have decided to vote “in” at the EU referendum, or who simply can’t be bothered to vote at all, need to think again.

It’s your future that’s at stake and taking the advice of self-serving elites who have lined their pockets at the public’s expense is a dangerous game.

This country is on the skids with a National Debt of nearly £2 trillion and more than double that if public sector pension liabilities are taken into account. The EU is in a similar parlous financial state with it’s disastrous Euro-zone on the verge of implosion.

A vote to stay “in” is not a vote for the status quo unless a slide into bankruptcy can be defined this way.

Youth unemployment in most EU countries is between 30-50 per cent, so no comfort there.

The future for young people will be much brighter once they wake up to the fact that generations of politicians have sold them out.

A start would be to vote “Leave” at the referendum and get decision-making back to our own parliament.

Then young people with drive and vision should stand for election and set this country on a path where all its citizens may have a brighter future. It’s in your hands.

John Hayter
UKIP, South Holland and the Deepings

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