LETTER: UKIP show they are bad losers

Paul Foyster’s latest letter shows UKIP to be the quintessential bad losers!

As those who venture online will already be aware, there are several local contributors openly declaring an affiliation with his party and claiming to espouse the principles of free speech, whilst, at the same time, indulging in, not “political banter”, but vile personal abuse and smearing of anyone with whom they disagree.

In speaking for the vast majority of local voters who chose not to support UKIP, John Hayes has clearly riled the UKippers.

In a free society our MP is perfectly entitled to express his distaste – a widely-shared view – after all, we live in a democracy and the people have spoken!

It is the local UKIP chairman who should be making the public apology for foisting upon us a wholly unsuitable parliamentary candidate.

Michael Davidson
via email

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