LETTER: Skegness a pleasurable experience

Just recently I had cause to visit Skegness on a Sunday afternoon, remember this is the place that was described as a blot on the landscape.

This is not a description that could be used now, the whole place is as ours should be or could be with an enthusiastic push from the right people.

I walked the promenade from end to end and the whole area was pristine and spotless, a most pleasurable experience.

The most striking feature to me was an over abundance of litter bins, down to a mere 50 yards apart in the populated areas and amazingly at six o’clock on a Sunday evening there was a worker on the streets collecting any odd small bits of litter.

Obviously their council has purchased and installed these bins whereas in Spalding the only way of getting more bins is by individual councillors using their personal budgets to buy them.

During my time as a councillor, as a personal fight against litter I purchased a number of these bins some of which are still to be installed.

Unfortunately the defibrillators I purchased which are intended to be installed around the town are also still in abeyance but I am assured they will come soon.

On a personal note, to the residents who had the faith to vote for me I offer my heartfelt gratitude and thanks.

To those who did not I apologise as obviously I failed to meet your expectations over the last four years although I assure you I could not have worked any harder on yours and the community’s behalf.

I wish Graham Dark and Jack McLean well for the future and fervently hope they continue to care for your and the ward’s needs in the same manner you have received in the past.

Roger Perkins
Ex-district councillor for St John’s ward, Spalding

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