LETTER: Racism is a fundamental problem here

Charming exclamation overheard in a Spalding shop as a local “customer” stormed out.

“Are we just catering for our foreign ‘friends’ now? I’m not drinking any of this f***ing foreign s**t.”

Anyone who thinks this individual’s racism and foul language acceptable might further ponder the fact that he declared he was looking for a brand of alcohol which heralds from Belgium (i.e. is as “foreign” as the brands and people to whom he objected). Given that such beverages kill brain cells, he appears to have had far too much of it to drink in his lifetime already.

This seems a fair reflection of the intelligence and character of racists and those who are now getting their way.

Anyone denying that racism played a major part in the rise of the movement for taking Britain out of the EU would need to be blind, deaf, drunk, stupid, heavily partisan or a combination of all or several of those. It was in order to distract attention from this obvious fact that the partisan pro-Brexit national press (which laughably calls itself “free” when its agenda is determined by corporate interests) had to blow other issues out of all proportion in the recent election.

Anyone who heralds from this part of the world and who is remotely honest should admit that racism is the fundamental problem here.

There was racism long before continental Europeans arrived in any significant numbers. And now the xenophobic bullies are getting their way, the racism is getting worse.

G Kent

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