Keira Williamson.

Kindness Group have been helping out some of the area’s most vulnerable

A group of volunteers working to help the vulnerable and isolated are looking to set up a hub to send out supplies straight from the supermarkets.

The Spalding COVID Kindness Team was set up by mum of two Keira Williamson and has had a busy week responding to requests for help.

After a call for volunteers, eight teams have been assembled in and around the town and a committee formed to oversee the operation which includes district councillors Jack McLean and Rob Gibson.

The Kindness Team are now looking to use the closed-to-the-public Pinchbeck Library as hub for its project.

It’s also in talks with Lincolnshire Co-Op and Sainsbury’s about having deliveries dropped off at the hub that the volunteers can take to those in need.

“It’s been hectic,” said Keira, who also works in a local pharmacy. “The situation and government advice keeps evolving and so we’re evolving with it.

“We’ve had around 75 requests that we’ve been able to deal with, be it something such as emotional support over the phone or essential items, though with the current situation we’re limiting it to collecting five items at a time.

“The kindness of people has just been overwhelming.

“We’re finding we’re bonding with people who otherwise we wouldn’t talk to and that social element is particularly important to the more elderly people.

“There’s a lot of people who are on their own or scared and we’ve had people we’ve spoke to in tears because they’re so over-joyed just to be able to speak to anyone.”

Keira stresses that safety is the most important aspect of the whole operation and volunteers are safe-distancing, only travelling when necessary and dropping off items at doorsteps.

The group is also offering support and advice from its own Facebook page Spalding COVID Kindness Team.

“It feels good to be able to do something,” she said.

You can contact The COVID Kindness Team via Keira on 07415374095, April on 07960857005, Annette on 07790443629, Lesa – 07920463360 and Reshma on 07712219441.

* The Spalding Kindness Team are in the process of getting special identification badges for their volunteers to provide extra peace of mind to people utilising the servic.

Keira also stressed that the group’s members would never call anyone unannounced and would only respond to requests made to the group.

Keira said: “We would never call anyone, unless someone puts a call into us.
“If somebody calls unannounced claiming to be from the Kindness Team, it’s not us.

“Coun Jack McLean is working on getting ID cards for volunteers to carry.”

It follows Lincolnshire deputy police and crime commissioner Stuart Tweedale warning people to be on their guard against scammers.

He said: “Whilst we are living through difficult times, we need to be aware there are those who will use the current situation to exploit others for their own benefit.

“I want to highlight the appalling situation that fraudulent emails, phone calls, text messages, posts via social media, even those who call at our doors and claim to be helping are using coronavirus as a cover story, Fraudsters will then attempt to get recipients to disclose personal or financial information or click on links that may contain malware – which then will be used for their own fraudulent purposes.”

If you believe you’ve been in contact with someone trying to scam you, contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 or Action Fraud on or call 0300 123 2040

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