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Kennels approved amid ‘complaints’

A dog kennel has been allowed to increase the number of dogs after it was claimed those who complained refused to have noise monitoring equipment.

Sutton St James Parish Council said it had received a number of complaints after applicant Mrs B Street was allowed 18 dogs at Broadgate in the village for non-commercial use for 12 months

The parish council objected to plans for the owners to increase the number of dogs it has to 30 going forward and to breed for a commercial operation as the application came before South Holland District Council’s Planning Committee last week.

But planning officers said the council’s Environmental Health team had no official complaints on record.

And the meeting heard residents had started making a formal complaint but refused to host noise monitoring equipment.

A statement to the meeting from Sutton St James Parish Council’s William Harrison said: “The noise is disturbing and can travel for miles.

“Residents in the village have complained to planners about noise, but none of these complaints have been passed to other parts of the council to follow up, something which we would have expected.

“The parish council has received more complaints about this application than any in years.

“The noise does not allow people to enjoy their gardens or have their windows open.”

But committee chair Roger Gambba-Jones said: “As I understand it they started the complaint but then refused to have monitoring equipment.

“We can hardly stick it in a field. We have to have it somewhere to ensure it’s a reasonable measure of residential amenity.

“We’re not going to measure the impact on the local cow population or whatever beasts they have in that area.

“It’s about the impact on the community so we need the co-operation of those people who are claiming to be impacted and we have tried.

“Just one or two dogs can drive you nuts, never mind this number, so I have sympathy with the residents, but we need co-operation. We need the community’s help if we’re going to deal with it.”

Coun James Avery added: “The local residents have had every opportunity to complain to environmental protection.

“I don’t know about the parish council but would have thought every parish clerk would know who to point people to.

“I don’t believe there’s a huge problem with dogs and dog noise.

“If people want to complain they have to do it to the right channels.”

The application was passed with eight councillors voting in favour, five against and two abstaining.

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