Green is go with 51 break as Pyramid C storm to 5-1 win

A fabulous 51 break from Jason Green helped Pyramid C to a 5-1 win in Division One of the Spalding and District Snooker League.

Green (O56) beat Adam Mayman (O21) as his team took the win over Consti H, elevating them from 12th place in the standings to fifth.
Doug Garfoot (O28) won the first frame to get Consti off to a good start but it was downhill from there for them as Tony Curry (O21), Green, Dave Pearson (O14) and Richard Skellett (O21) took the next four.
League leaders Services C slipped to a 4-2 defeat against friendly foe Services A. The win pushed the A team up the table from fifth to second.
Father and son Phil (O7) and Martin Spencer (O21) and Jake Haslam (O14) got the wins for the A team, while Geoff Hemsil (R28) and Kevin Fitter (O14) took the points for the C team.
Bourne SC A have also jumped up in the standings, thanks to a 4-2 win over Consti E. They are now sitting in third place, up from sixth last week.
Pete Hodgson-Kerry (O35), Mike Byrne (R14) and Ian Clare (scr) were their winners.
Holbeach C have dropped to fourth after going down 4-2 to clubmates Holbeach E.
Chris Back (O56) got the first frame for the E team, before father and son Dan (O7) and Paul Ashton (R14) took the next two for the C team.
Ben Harding (O35) and Stuart Sullivan (O35) then beat Nick Edwards (R7) and Mark Gregory (O42) respectively to take the match.
Sutton Bridge got their second win of the season, beating Holbeach D 4-2.
Glenn Ryan (O28), Thomas Horspool (O42) and Wayne Howard (O14) were the victors for Sutton Bridge.
Horspool got a 43 break on his way to beating Andy Spearman (R7).
Consti G are still second from bottom, despite a 4-2 win over Donington C.
A 5-1 win for Bourne SC B over Boundary A has moved them up to seventh place.
In Division Two, Pyramid A are still sitting at the top of the table after beating Donington A 5-1.
Kevin Hawes (O7) was the only winner for Donington, while Victor Rouse (R7), Michael Twell (R14), Matthew Chapman (O7) and John Twell (scr) took the frames for Pyramid.
Consti B have dropped from second to fourth after being whitewashed 6-0 by Gosberton A.
Adam Twigg (O14), Alan Jackson (O7), Carl Wand (O7), Andy Adair (scr) and Jamie Mumby (O7) made up the winning team.
Holbeach A moved up to second, thanks to a 4-2 win over Services B.
Steve Dent (scr), Derek Beba (R7) and Sean Swinburn (O49) took the first three frames to give Holbeach the win, before Paul Doades (scr) and Alan Hansard (scr) got some consolation wins for Services B.
Services D beat Gosberton D 5-1. The win moves them into third place and puts Gosberton back at the foot of the table.
Paul Spicer (O14), Kevin Robbs (R14), Ian Smith (scr) and Russell Morse (scr) were the victors.
Pyramid B got their second win of the season, beating Holbeach B 4-2.
A 5-1 win has allowed Consti I to close the gap at the top of Division Three.
They beat Consti C, meaning they are now just two points behind leaders Holbeach F, who did not have a game.
Two of Consti I’s players, John Bellerby (R7) and Pete Stokes (R7), got 25 breaks, giving them the joint highest break for a receive handicap player so far this season.
Whittlesey B moved up to third place with a 4-2 win at home over Consti D.
Pawel (R7) and John Skutela (scr) and Michael Foster (O14) got the points for Whittlesey.
Gosberton C dropped from third to fifth after they went down 4-2 at home to Whittlesey A.
James Elliott (O7) and Stuart Henderson (scr) were the winners for Gosberton but could not hold off Jason Clarke (scr), Lance Clarke (R7) and Steve Jennings (O21).
A 5-1 win boosted Consti A to fourth place.
They beat Pyramid E, while Consti J dropped one place after losing 5-1 to Gosberton B.
Results: Division One – Pyramid C 5 Consti H 1, Services C 2 Services A 4, Bourne SC A 4 Consti E 2, Holbeach E 4 Holbeach C 2, Sutton Bridge 4 Holbeach D 2, Consti G 4 Donington C 2, Boundary A 1 Bourne SC B 5, Pyramid C 5 Sutton Bridge 1 (rearranged match).
Division Two – Donington A 1 Pyramid A 5, Gosberton A 6 Consti B 0, Holbeach A 4 Services B 2, Services D 5 Gosberton D 1, Pyramid B 4 Holbeach B 2, Consti F 4 Pyramid D 2,Whittlesey C 2 Donington B 4.
Division Three – Consti J 1 Gosberton B 5, Gosberton C 2 Whittlesey A 4, Whittlesey B 4 Consti D 2, Donington C 4, Consti A 5 Pyramid E 1, Consti C 1 Consti I 5, Holbeach F and Donington D free weeks.

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