Gosberton woman admits drunken attack

A 20 year old who carried out an unprovoked attack on another young woman in the early hours of the morning, has been ordered to pay her compensation.

Chloe Harrison of Mill Lane, Gosberton admitted assaulting Beth Prowting by beating when she appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare said that in the early hours of August 16 2020, Ms Prowting left the Punchbowl Inn in New Road, Spalding where she had been with a small group of friends.

He said the group was going to a nearby takeaway when she saw Harrison, who she did not know, coming towards her in a group.

He said Harrison went up to her, ‘got in her face’ and said “What’s the problem” and “What’s the beef?”

He said Ms Prowting tried to go past her but Harrison hit her on the right side of her head causing pain and leaving her completely shocked.

Mr Clare said that a friend of Ms Prowting’s got between them but Harrison was able to inflict another blow on her head and then pulled her onto the ground by her hair.

He said door staff from the Punchbowl picked her up and police were called.

He said she was left with headaches which lasted several days and had also affected her confidence in going out.

He said Ms Prowting told police that ‘she couldn’t believe this could happen in her own town’.

Mr Clare said Harrison initially denied the offence to the police but admitted it when she saw the CCTV footage.

Mitigating, Anita Toal said it had been a ‘particularly ugly incident’ but she had no previous convictions and her recollection of the case was ‘hazy’.
She said she was ‘shocked and remorseful’ and had behaved ‘clearly out of character’.

Harrison was ordered to pay £200 compensation to Ms Prowting and was fined £100.

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