Good food delivered directly to your door

For people who want to enjoy life to the full, there`s not always enough time in the day to prepare a meal from scratch or go shopping.

With a wide selection of frozen meals delivered directly to the door, Wiltshire Farm Foods is there to help people eat well and look after themselves in their own home.
Recently created is a new selection of nutritious and delicious meals. As well as tasting great, they are nutritionally balanced and high in protein to meet the needs of those who need to follow a careful diet.
Swallowing problems such as dysphagia are common and a side effect of recovering from a stroke.
Wiltshire Farm Foods provide an appetising Softer Food range, safe for those with swallowing difficulties. The Pre-shaped Pureed meals are visually appealing and relieve the problem of home pureeing. The Softer Food range is available in three different textures and the dedicated website, offers advice on swallowing issues.
If you regularly care for an elderly relative or friend, then you know how worrying it can be that they may not be eating as well as they should.
Getting the right daily nutrition is important, as is catering for complex needs such as diabetes or food intolerances.
Convenience is a big part of Wiltshire Farm Foods’ service. All meals can be ordered by phone, online or by post. They’re then delivered directly to homes throughout Lincolnshire for free by a friendly, police-checked delivery driver who is always happy to stack the meals away in the freezer.
When ready to eat, simple pop your meal into the microwave or oven to cook from frozen in a matter of minutes. There’s no preparation, no pots and pans, just meals to aid an healthy diet.
Another big benefit of Wiltshire Farm Foods is that customers can order as often as suits their individual needs. And with main meals starting at just £2.95, they offer good value.
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