Family’s site is given approval

A traveller site for a family next to an existing one off the A16 in Spalding has been allowed to stay.

A retrospective application for the site of three caravans and portable cabin ‘day room’ was approved at a meeting of South Holland District Council’s Planning Committee last week.

Speaking on behalf of the applicant Robert Home said: “The proposal is to provide accommodation for three generations of the same family with close links to those on the adjacent site.

“The husband is self employed in land work and travels widely.

“The wife and children tried to settle in a crowded private rental flat but they found they encountered discrimination and found they were better on their own site among their own community.

“The grandmother has dementia and is in a care home on the outskirts of London. Her daughter sees her once every two weeks but this would be much better. They really don’t like the idea of her being in a care home.”

A condition was placed that a drainage plan had to be agreed with the district council within three months.

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