Jannine and Lily Sandell

Family baking– up charity efforts

A Moulton mum is putting on a Zumbathon for a charity which has helped her daughter who has a brain tumour.

Both Jannine Sandell and her 16-year-old daughter Lily have a condition called Neurofibromatosis or NF1 for short.
Due to the condition, Lily has a brain tumour, hydrocephalus, scoliosis, mobility issues and social and emotional issues. Jannine has minimal symptoms as a result.
Lily was diagnosed aged eight, while her brother Harry, died in 2021, aged 14. His death is believed partly due a weakened immune system due to the condition.
Lily is currently studying for exams at The Pilgrim School in Boston.
“The school has given her a new confidence and she is finally feeling more settled and happy,” Jannine said.
“Tumour wise and shunt wise Lily is currently in a stable condition and currently just requires an annual MRI to monitor her condition.
“Unfortunately her mobility is slightly more complicated as the doctors have said the issues are psychological due to excess trauma.
“She therefore is heavily reliant on her wheelchair and there is no medical cure.
“In spite of all this, Lily tries to remain positive and is always trying to raise money for The Childhood Tumour Trust and utilises her hobbies which are baking and card making to raise money.”
Jannine has held several fundraisers for the Childhood Tumour Trust over the years, with the latest being the Zumbathon on May 19 at Tonic Health’s Holbeach Hub on Boston Road South at 2pm.
It’s £10 to book a space for the two hours of fitness led by Kirsty Brothwell from Zumba Fitness.
Anyone not taking part can help by visiting and buying the homemade cards and cakes made by Lily and purchasing raffle tickets.
Lily recently entered her bakes in South Holland District Council’s chair Andrew Woolf’s charity Bake Off event where the most recent winner of the national competition, Matt Edgell, voted her second in a competitive field.
“We thought as Lily can’t dance with us she’d like to sell her cakes,” said Jannine, who is also doing a charity skydive on May 28 alongside a host of other supporters of the charity.
“Lily loved taking part in the competition and worked hard on the cake she made. The icing on the cake (excuse the pun!) was meeting Matty. She didn’t expect to come in the top three.”
To donate to Jannine’s sky dive visit www.just

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