Crowland Police Hub as seen on Google Street View.

Closure of Crowland police hub ‘a sad state’

A councillor has branded the closure of the Crowland Police Hub as a ‘sad state of affairs’.

Lincolnshire Police are closing 17 unmanned hubs in the county, saying it will save £250,000 a year.

It defended its decision, saying research found the buildings were “barely being used” by police staff or members of the public

Coun Bryan Alcock, who represents Crowland at the district council, said: “That news is very disappointing as it means there will be even less chance of a police presence in Crowland.
“On the other hand, I would happily exchange a very under-used part of a building for a policeman or woman.
“Sadly, I doubt that will happen or that the ‘savings’ will benefit Crowland.
“What a sad state we seem to be in.”

Coun Angie Harrison added: “It is unfortunate that the Police hub is closing as I t was reassuring for residents when the local PCSO was stationed there.

“It will be interesting to see what will happen to the building and what its future use will be.

“I hope it will be an asset to the local community and not sit empty for years.

Chief Supt Kate Anderson, head of local policing and partnerships, said: “A number of small Lincolnshire Police buildings are not currently in operational use after they were identified as an area of force spend that could offer immediate financial savings.

“Revenue savings of £227,250 per year could be made by not spending on facilities and utilities in these spaces, which research showed were barely being used by the public or police staff.”

The police were also keen to stress that these buildings “have not been sold or fully closed,” with assurances made that communities will be given their say “before any final decision is made” about the sites’ future use.

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