Earth Day at Wygate Academy with hats and blue and green clothing.

Celebrating all things on Earth

A group of South Holland pupils put the world on their shoulders to celebrate Earth Day last week.

A range of activities were carried out at Wygate Park Academy to mark the day which emphasised the importance of our planet and the fact it needs looking after.

Children were allowed to wear blue and green clothes and some of them made hats from a range of recycled materials for a special competition.

All the school’s core subject learning was linked to the Earth and sessions included art and the creation of posters to show how the school can be kept eco-friendly.

Each class at the school took part in a ‘no electricity’ period when the lights were turned off to conserve power.
Pupils spent the entire lesson working with natural light while learning about the importance of not wasting the Earth’s resources.

“Everyone had a great time and learnt a lot about the environment and helping to conserve our planet,” said Nathan Black marketing manager.

Several children were literally wearing the world as a hat while other used bits of plastic and other recyclable objects.

The children were described as being ‘passionate about our Earth,’ and classes had great discussions over protecting the environment, both locally and across the world.

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