Spalding town centre.

Business plan for the town centre

The business community in Spalding is being asked to raise £250,000 to help deliver a series of improvements designed to help keep the town centre thriving.

A list of ideas ranging from a music festival to new branding and cleaning-up the town centre has been put together for consultation.
The draft Spalding Town Centre Business Plan has been submitted by The Mosaic Partnership ahead of a meeting on September 20 at the South Holland Centre.
The plan outlines a range of projects which, if approved, are designed to help the town centre thrive in the face of online and out-of-town competition.
It outlines the ‘challenges’ faced by the town including the cost of living, the need to modernise, funding and competition from the internet.
The Spalding Business Board, a group of 20 town centre business people, has worked with Mosaic to look at ways to improve Spalding town centre for both visitors and businesses.
The objectives of the group included key areas; building a positive image for the town; making it easier for people to come into town and get around.
It also suggests providing a high quality experience by ensuring the town is welcoming, looking good and to ensure ‘economic prosperity by supporting businesses and fostering enterprise.’
There are five suggestions of ways to proceed and only one ticks all the boxes – a Business Improvement District (BID).
Other ideas, including a voluntary scheme or membership scheme, do not meet all the criteria suggested as being vital for future growth and prosperity.
“In terms of funding our aim is to raise approximately £250,000 pa from the business community to be able to deliver the projects set out in the business plan. (To include overheads, staffing, office and levy collection costs.)
“We are also aware that there is an opportunity to be able to raise up to another £250,000 from grants and sponsorship but this would require a credible business partnership and a plan.”
A total of 13 draft projects, from an initial list of more than 30, have been outlined for further discussion.
Under the ‘looking great, welcoming and safe’ banner, hotspot clearance, cleaning street furniture, more litter bins and landscaping appear.
For marketing, promotions and events, developing the market and a town branding.
They are also considering a ‘better managed’ pedestrianised area and developing trails for tourists.
The Open Business meeting starts at 6pm on September 20 and will have more information and agreement on a final project list.

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