Abdul Kachra with Bhavna Keane-Rao.

Award for care home boss

A man who set up his first care home in Holbeach 40 years ago has been recognised with a long-service award.

Beech Lodge Care Home was the first of Abdul Kachra’s homes with a group going on to become the Country Court, which owns nearly 50 homes now.
He set it up with wife Naila and sister Roshan with sons Alykhan and Al-Karim now co-CEOs.
Mr Kachra was presented with the Lifetime Achievement award by health and social car consultant Bhavna Keane-Rao at the annual Healthcare Property Awards.
Commenting on his father’s award, Al-Karim Kachra said: “Coming to the UK from the island of Zanzibar in 1969 with very little, he has achieved so much.
“More inspirational than his business success is the three years he spent away from the business, being a full-time carer to my mother in the final years of her life.
“He continues to be a mentor to all the people around him, we all try our best to keep up with him.”

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