Villagers clean up after camps

Villagers in Sutton St James have been praised after rallying around and cleaning up after two illegal camps.

Human excrement was among the rubbish found on land after the group responsible for the camp had moved on last week.

As reported in last week’s edition of The Voice, the travellers set up camp in the Fred Hoyles Playing Field on May 22.

Lincolnshire Police said at the time that Sutton St James Parish Council had began legal action against the group.

Then, on Wednesday, May 27, the group moved but only a few hundred yards on to land in front of the village hall that’s understood to be owned by the Sutton St James United Charities Trust.

The group were moved on the following morning.

A local resident, who did not wish to be named, said that villagers came together to clean up what was left behind, though the area is still closed off ahead of the removal of some waste.

The resident said: “There wasn’t as much rubbish as we feared there could have been, but there were still things such as human excrement.

“We can’t say for certain it was left by the group, but it certainly wasn’t there before they came.

“The rubbish though has been tidied away by local residents and volunteers.

“It just shows the pride of the people in this village, which is not a surprise to those who live here.”

Sutton St James Parish Council declined to comment.

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