The potholed blind corner on the single-track Shivean Gate.

Satnavs sending lorries down lane

The poor condition of a Moulton road has prompted a resident to take action against HGVs he said shouldn’t be using it.

Lorry drivers travelling through Moulton being misinformed by their satnavs is one major cause of the problems the road faces, said John Carter, a resident of Shivean Gate.

Mr Carter has spoken to land owners, Sir John Hayes MP for South Holland and the Deepings, as well as county and district councillors in his aim to improve conditions.

Mr Carter has also explained his dismay at vehicles parking on what he thinks is private land at the A151 end.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire County Council said: “The local highways manager said: “Although these complaints haven’t been reported to us directly, they have been passed on by local district councillors and John Hayes MP. We have visited Shivean Gate and identified some repairs that need to be made. These will be arranged in due course.

“However, some of the improvements that have been requested, such as the creation of new parking bays [for the bungalows], aren’t possible as they would encroach on private land.”

Mr Carter has since been told by Lincolnshire County Council that work will commence in May.

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