Proposed Local Plan continues to cause confusion for planning issues

Reference to the unadopted Local Plan has caused conflict among planning committee members.

South Holland District Council’s Planning Committee on Tuesday, April 11, voted to approve a bungalow at Pipwell Gate, Moulton Seas End in principle. But the decision process sparked debate when the emerging Local Plan was referred to in relation to the boundary.

A Local Plan details a district’s set out vision and framework for the future development of the area. South Holland District Council is still in the process of deciding its Local Plan.

The bungalow application had previously been refused as unsustainable and lost an appeal. Planning officers heard a public speaker, Julian Perowne of Jack Buck Farms, put forward the case for the dwelling, which was intended for a local couple to live in.

Planning Committee chairman Roger Gambba-Jones heard councillors argue the case for the couple and said personal reasons put forward were “waffle” and said he was “very disappointed” that committee members ignored the officers’ reasons for refusal.

“An appeal was lost and nothing has changed,” he added. “We’re now asked to contradict ourselves on a previous decision.”

However, Coun Laura Eldridge said the lack of a Local Plan should allow leeway on boundaries.

The council’s principal planning officer Phil Norman said the emerging Local Plan “carries more weight now than it did six months ago or 12 months ago”.

Coun Eldridge said: “At what point is the Local Plan adoptable? In my view, that boundary doesn’t exist at the moment.”

The Local Plan consultation started on April 10, 2017. Visit to view it.

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