Mystery over power outages

Mystery surrounds why more than 2,000 homes suffered power issues and around the same time a bright flash lit up the skies of South Holland at 6pm on Friday, February 1.

Many in the area took to social media to say they’d experienced their power drop out for a short period of time at the same time others had witnessed a bright, greenish flash in the sky.

Paul Jeffrey in Pinchbeck was among those to say his power dropped out for around 10 seconds.

Mark Goodale told The Voice he’d seen the bright flash of light while driving home from work and Rachel Lee described seeing it from Weston Hills.

Western Power Distribution say its aware of an issue that affected its network: “We had an issue with the over head network of power lines around 6pm on Friday.

“It led to 2,200 properties losing power but thankfully they were all back on within three minutes.

“When we went to investigate we did not find any problems with the overhead lines.

“It may have been a temporary issue where something may have made contact with an overhead line but we can say there are no problems with the network.

“Thankfully the power to all the properties was back quickly.”

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