Much-loved bakery Pacey’s is back open

Much-loved bakery and Spalding institution Pacey’s reopened on Tuesday – five months after it closed, ending a 98-year reign.
There was an outpouring of sadness at the closure of the Red Lion Street firm, which opened in 1916 and still used the original steam tube oven.
Spalding hairdressing salon and spa owner Sharon Tear and husband George decided to do something about it.
Sharon (43) said: “I have lived in Spalding all my life and it has always been there. We thought Mr Pacey would never retire.
“Then on August 23 it closed. We went to a barbecue that night and it was all anyone was talking about and it seemed such a shame.
“Now we just hope people come in and support us.”
Sharon and transport manager George, of Haverfield Road, bought the business and convinced baker Ian Waters, who had been at Pacey’s since leaving school in 1966, to return.
Richard Pacey, whose grandparents started the firm, has also given the couple all his recipes and been in the kitchen helping them get off the ground.
Mr Pacey (72) said: “I’m very pleased to be here helping and I wish them every success.
“I was quite taken aback by the strength of feeling when we closed.”
Sharon, who owns Strands of Spalding, in Clover Way and George (37), who works at Fowler Welch, will both continue with their existing jobs and help out at Pacey’s when they can.
In addition, they have employed four bakers, two front-of-house staff, a cook and will possibly hire a couple of apprentices.
As well as buying the premises and associated listed home next door, they have invested in the region of £25,000 into refurbishing the Pacey’s serving area and upper seating area.
They will open at 10am tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan 27) and after that will open 6.30am to 4.30pm Tuesday to Saturday.
Before it closed, Pacey’s baked and sold 1,000 items per week day and 3,000 every Saturday.

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