Majority of Lincolnshire parents get choice of primary schools

More than 93 per cent of children will go to one of their three “chosen” schools in September.

Despite an increase in applications for the more popular schools in Lincolnshire, the county council has revealed that 93.6 per cent have been given a place at one of their choices.

Along with the rest of the country, Lincolnshire has experienced high numbers of families wanting their children to start school in September. There are 7,649 children wanting a school place this year.

Of the 7,649 offers made to primary schools, 7,157 children will receive their first preference school, compared to 6,762 (92.3 per cent last year). The figure for second preference offers is 291 (3.8 per cent), and 75 for third preference offers (1 per cent).

A total of 126 children will be offered a local school that isn’t one of their preferences compared to 132 last year.

Parents were able to pick up their offer using the online system from midnight.

The vast majority of parents did apply online.

Parents have until May 20 to lodge an appeal if they are unhappy with the offered school. If they return the appeal form by the deadline it will be heard before the end of term – if it is received late it will still be heard but this may be in September.

Because of appeals and movement on the reserve list, it is normal for the percentage of first preferences to increase by the time children start in September.

Coun Mrs Patricia Bradwell, executive councillor for Children’s Services, said: “I am delighted to see so many children getting their first school of preference and this should be even better by September. It is always our intention to support as many parents as possible with their preferences.
“Every year the overwhelming majority of parents are successful in gaining admission to the school of their choice.”

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