LETTERS – Water taxi is an inspiration

As a young, up-and-coming photographer in the Spalding area, I spent a day with Alwyn, one of the Spalding Water Taxi Pilots.

It was a fascinating experience.

In the Spalding Water Taxi, you can seek some amazing views, especially on a bright and sunlit day.

You can also see some historic buildings and infrastructure on this magnificent journey to

Springfields and back; High Bridge (built in 1838 when the only way of transport going over would be horse and cart and possibly bicycles), The Ye Olde White Horse (thatched roof) pub, Ayscoughfee Hall (which dates back to approximately 1450), Ayscoughfee School, St. Paul’s.

On your trip, the affable pilots will share their wide range of local knowledge past and present.

Children and people that are celebrating a special occasion get the opportunity to steer the boat and gain a reward of a certificate at the end of their journey! 

How about taking a trip on the Water Taxi yourself before the end of September (when the boats will be moored up for the winter)?

Ellie Guttesen

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