Join George on sweet outer space adventure

MarshmallowssmallDo you like space, aliens and adventures? Then we have a real treat for you! Marshmallows for Martians, by Adam and Charlotte Guillain follows George, a boy with a brilliant plan – to find out what sweets Martians like best!

Told in a rhyming fashion with fantastic illustrations packed with interesting things to talk about this is sure to become one of your little one’s favourite books.

With his homemade rocket (complete with telescope, start battery and super torch) and his map of the stars George is sure that finding Martians will be easy.

It doesn’t quite go to plan though as George lands on Mars (with a thump!) in the middle of a musical alien parade with Yodlers and Bangbots who think that George looks quite tasty himself!

Luckily his jelly beans and gobstoppers save the day and in the end George manages to find the Martians.

It turns out that, just like George, the Martians’ favourite sweets are marshmallows – but not quite in the way you’d expect!

Get your copy of the Voice and use the voucher on page 19 for £2 off this amazing adventure (RRP £6.99)!

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