Lewis Thorogood. Photo by JAKE WHITELEY

Interim Spalding United boss Thorogood hopes the football season can be completed

Lewis Thorogood sees no reason why the football season shouldn’t be completed despite the disruption caused by coronavirus.

The interim Spalding United manager admits that Saturday’s 5-1 defeat at Stamford, played in front of more than 500 fans, “probably shouldn’t” have taken place.

But he is against the idea of voiding this season, insisting that seasons should be extended into the summer and suggesting that the 2020/21 season could start later than planned.

“I fully respect the precautions that have been taken,” said Thorogood. “Was it right that we played in front of 500-plus on Saturday? Probably not.

“Ultimately, once the Premier League and Football League issued a blanket suspension, we were always likely to go the same way.

“My concern would be that this has happened too soon and before the peak, but I don’t think the season is over by any means.

“When things clear up we can pack more games into shorter periods of time – four-game weeks perhaps – and play into the summer. You could also start next season later and have a shorter pre-season.

“For example, we have eight games left. It’d be hard work, but we could get our season done in two weeks after things calm down.

“It’s up to the powers that be, but we’re hoping to carry on training and will be ready for the re-start.”

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