The bike rack in Holbeach High Street

Group applauds new cycle racks

A group that promotes cycling has backed controversial new bike racks that have appeared in Spalding and Holbeach

The green, car shaped racks placed over car parking spaces have been called ‘monstrosities’ and “a dangerous eyesore wasting valuable space” by Voice readers.

Lincolnshire County Council, which installed them as part of the government’s Active Travel fund, even said one in Holbeach would be removed just 24 hours after being installed following an outburst of criticism.

But the Spalding branch of PEDALS has welcomed more bike racks for the town.

PEDALS chair David Jones told The Voice he felt they could be a less garish colour, but said that the town definitely needed them.

“I think that the statement the cycle stands make is more important than their appearance,” he said. “Namely that up to ten bicycles can be parked in the space occupied by one car.

“Low footfall in the town centre and therefore also in the shops has been blamed partly on the lack of free parking; my thesis is that there is more than enough parking if those who are able do their shopping by bicycle, and never mind what the cycle stands look like.

“I am more concerned that motorists may collide with them as they have with cycle racks and other street furniture and architecture in town centre.

“I haven’t heard of any of these wrecking motorists being apprehended, let alone owning up – yet, especially in Lincolnshire, motorists are constantly being rewarded by having money spent on them.

“Now at last we have government money being spent to encourage cycling, and I applaud it.”

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