Royals Gym owner Sam Fowler after competing in his first strongman competition in March.

Geoff Capes to referee South Lincolnshire’s Strongest competition in Holbeach

A strength and endurance competition will be held in Holbeach this summer – and slots are now open for sign-ups.

South Lincolnshire’s Strongest 2019 takes place at Carter’s Park on July 7 from 10am.

The event, organised by the town’s Royals Gym, will be held during the popular Holbeach Food Fair and will be refereed by former World’s Strongest Man winner Geoff Capes, who lived in South Holland.

The novice category is already full with 12 competitors signed-up but, a number of other categories are still available for competitors.

These include the women’s category and intermediates.

Organiser Sam Fowler, of Royals Gym, said: “It’s really just a chance for athletes to compete against each other, putting that hard work into practice by going head to head against like minded people.”

“It’s all about offering opportunities to people. The chance to see what they’re good at, what they’re not.

“Until someone is given opportunity to try, how will they know if they are potentially the next world star. The competition may just be a stepping stone for someone to go on and do great things within the world of Strongman and without the chance to try, they will never know.

Trophies will be handed out to the top three competitors in each category.

Spectators are welcome to attend for free to cheer on the competitors’ Herculean feats.

Entry to the competition costs £25 and can be sent via Paypal to

Information about yourself can also be included and this will be announced by commentators during the event.

The Sunday is the second day of the Holbeach Food Festival, which runs from 10am to 4pm both days. Entry is free and there will be food, family fun and the competition.

Sam added: “It’s a really good opportunity for everyone in the town to see what some of us are doing here at Royals, that’s why we have chosen to host it at the Food Festival.

“There’s a huge variety of people who train here, all ages, sizes, shapes and everyone has different aspirations.” See for more info.

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