Running mates: Mark Schmidt and Andrew Woolf.

Friends’ marathon effort

A district councillor will run the London Marathon this weekend, raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Coun Andrew Woolf, district councillor for Moulton, Weston and Cowbit Ward, will be joined by friend and fellow Moulton resident Mark Schmidt.

Coun Woolf said: “Mark knew I had run the London Marathon and Half-Marathons before and so started the conversation about wanting have a go himself. The first thing we agreed on was that we would run for charity and make it more worthwhile. We chose JDRF as we know people who have needed the support of this charity to assist and support children who are diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, and their families.

“By running for JDRF, we hope to raise money to help support the research and development in finding a solution to cure diabetes in children.

“Our target was £1,000 and we are already very close to this figure through people’s generosity.
Mark added: “I’m very much looking forward to the day and the challenge. Andrew has guided me well in training. Before we started, I’d never run more than two miles in one go and am now happily training at ten miles-plus. I’ve amazed myself and knowing we are raising money for JDRF, I am more than determined to succeed. The more money we raise, the better”

To sponsor Andrew and Mark, visit and search them.

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