Commuter says no as vocal opposition ends A17 expansion

‘Flawed from the start’ multi-million pound A17 Gedney plan axed

Controversial plans for a third overtaking lane on the A17 have been scrapped.

The lane, costing £2.5m, would have given drivers just over 34 seconds of opportunity to overtake on a stretch of road at Gedney.

But there was vocal opposition to the project which had been submitted by Lincolnshire County Council.

A consultation meeting held in Sutton Bridge left the county authority in little doubt as to the feelings of parish council leaders.

Chairman of Lutton’s council, David Wilkinson, said the whole scheme had been ‘ridiculous’.

“I think it was purely a matter of saving cash. If it had gone ahead then the county would have saved around £1m in road maintenance but at the cost of motorists’ lives. It was under 900 metres long and if you were driving at 60mph it would be 34.7 seconds before you ran out of lanes,” he said.

“I drive the road daily and could see no reason for it,” he added.

There was opposition from the start and the county council issued a clarification document just last month, making the scheme details clear.

Highways officers from the county council met parish councillors from Gedney but by the end of Tuesday, the authority had decided to scrap the scheme entirely.

“In light of the opposition we’ve had from local parish and county councillors, we’ve decided not to go ahead with the project.

“Since making this decision, we have had discussions with the Department for Transport and they have agreed, contrary to previous advice, to let us keep some of the funding, which will be used elsewhere on the A17 at Holdingham roundabout, near Sleaford.

“We know this outcome will be disappointing for local businesses, particularly those in the transport and logistics industry who have supported the scheme; however, it was important to take all local views into account when deciding how to progress,” said Coun RIchard Davies, executive member for highways.

After the announcement, Mr Wilkinson said: “I am really happy pleased but very disappointed with the county council that they let it go this far.

“They have wasted money and officer time with a plan that was flawed from the beginning and done in a poor and unprofessional manner.”

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