The dog waste had been taken out of the bin and placed on the floor.

Dog poo bin emptied on floor

A dog walker has expressed his concern and dismay after someone took all the dog poo out of a bin and left it on the street.

Anthony Grunwell regularly walks down Fen End Lane, south of Spalding, where a bin has ear-marked by local residents for people to leave their dog poo in.

On Tuesday, February 3 though he found all of the bags of poo on the floor rather than in the bin.

“I can’t believe someone has gone in there and taken all the poo out,” he said. “It’s fixed to a post so can’t just be tipped up.

“Someone would have had to go to the effort to lift them all out.

“I went back home to get a glove to pick them up but when I returned found one man had collected them up and put them back.

“I felt so sorry for him that he had to do that.

“No-one should and I have no idea why anybody would empty the bin in the first place.”

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