Cash boost for Pride scheme

The budget to tackle litter in South Holland is set to be boosted by £100,000 for the next financial year.

The amount of money South Holland District Council spend on the Pride Team last year was £24,891.23 but rising complaints and increasing litter means more needs to be done.

The proposed extra £100,000 would create another Pride Team to keep the towns and villages clean.

“This will ensure that Pride also covers the general street cleansing and removal of litter in great depth and across more of the district,” says a report going before Cabinet members on Tuesday.

The Pride team was established in 2014 when £100,000 was invested in a clean-up programme – Pride in South Holland. The team carries out work over and above the day-to-day cleansing carried out by SHDC Environmental Services.

“The last few months have seen an increase in the number of complaints received by residents who are unhappy with the condition of the towns, most specifically Spalding and Holbeach,” the report says.

SHDC cabinet members will be told that the Pride team has “been able to deliver some fantastic results” but more needs to be done.

“The creation of two pride teams would ensure that the types of works currently undertaken by

Pride in South Holland would continue and be expanded,” the report says.

The extra £100,000 will provide a second team and both will work alongside the seven street cleaners, three mechanical sweeper drivers and one supervisor.

If the money is agreed, there would be a ‘targeted’ approach to address litter and street cleaning in Spalding and Holbeach. The second Pride team would focus on other towns and villages.

“It is essential that services collaborate in a joined up approach to identify and address these issues,” the report says.

The council also wants to address issues around communal collection points for rubbish and recycling bags.

The report also says that another Pride team would help allow the toilet-cleaners to concentrate on the task as currently they have multiple responsibilities.

Members are recommended to release the extra £100,000.

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