SPARR protests outside South Holland District Council.

Bourne Road residents ‘hesitant’ over possible relief road route change

Bourne Road residents who faced the prospect of having their homes demolished say they’re not celebrating just yet after Lincolnshire County Council announced it would look again at options as to where part of the controversial Spalding Western Relief Road will go.

The authority announced a re-think on the route of the central section of the road, which could lead to no houses having to be dulldozed.

The Spalding Pinchbeck Against Relief Road pressure group, SPARR, has called this development a “partial success”.

Tweeting on Tuesday, the group stated: “Partial success for Bourne Road residents! Alternative options being considered by LCC! Our visible protests and continued pressure are working!”

However, SPARR has vowed to keep pushing for change, adding: “Fight not over yet, we need a re-think of the whole road”.

Bourne Road resident Richard Holland said his mind hasn’t been put to rest by the latest development.

“I don’t believe them,” he said of the council members he’s dealt with since he learned he was possibly set to lose his home.

Mr Holland said that throughout the process he has been told contradictory statements by various council members and said he thinks the latest announcement is a PR exercise.

“It’s been my home for 21 years, I’ve made it how I want it and spent a lot of money on the place, then they go and kick you in the pants like this.

“You just feel let down by the people you elected to look after you and the town,” he added.

SPARR member Amanda Halifax said she is pleased: “I want to say a big thank you to John Hayes and Angela Newton.

“I am still hesitant until they have decided on the actual route but at the moment the fact the council is looking at alternative routes then this gives hope to me and the other residents.

“We can only hope they do find an alternative route without destroying any homes.”


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