An extra rise for Council Tax bills

Council Tax bills across Lincolnshire are set to rise by more than previously expected.

The county council was discussing a 3.95 per cent rise at meetings in December.

But a meeting of the executive was held this week when another one per cent was agreed.

The increase will see the county’s part of a Band D property’s bill rise to £1,292.40, plus the district and parish bills.

Members of the executive agreed to recommend the figure go through and it will be decided at a full meeting of the council on February 22.

Members could have voted to reduce the rise as an extra £10.25m was added to the budget from changes in business rates and council tax.

One of the alternative recommendations was to use the extra money to reduce the proposed 4.95 per cent rise.

But the executive members decided to go with the approval and cover the £5.336m contribution from the reserves.

“The Council continues to face significant reductions in government funding, growing cost pressures from demand led services such as adult and children’s social care, waste disposal and the Council’s responsibility to pay staff and some contractors the National Living Wage,” said the report before the executive committee.

The county council has lost more than £50m in government money as a result of a series of changes over the last four years.

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