Dr Stewart Mottram

You’ll be flooded by knowledge at lecture

Flooding in Lincolnshire is the topic this Friday for the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society’s Lecture this Friday (February 9).

Dr Mottram is Director of Research at the School of Humanities at the University of Hull.
He is a specialist in interdisciplinary approaches to 17th century literature in its religious, social and environmental contexts.
In his current work, he collaborates with environmental specialists from across the humanities and sciences to foreground, the history of flooding and its role in shaping the literatures and cultures of North Sea regions that continue to live with flood risk today.
In recent decades, environmental historians have accordingly turned to the infrastructures of flood risk management in these regions, and to the social and political organisations – drainage boards and commissions of sewers – established to maintain them. Yet there has been comparatively little focus to date on how living with flood risk in ‘the English Lowlands’ shaped literature.
This talk makes the case for why we should re-read English literature of this period through an environmental lens.
The lecture is at 7.30pm at Broad Street Methodist Church, Spalding Entry £5 and free for students.

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