The Sheep Market toilets.

Work starts on town toilets

Work has begun on the Sheep Market toilets in Spalding and its hoped it would be completed by May.

Coun Henry Bingham, South Holland District Council’s portfolio holder for assets told last week’s Spalding Town Forum the authority was still liaising with contractors on the project but work has had to start to meet the deadline for the spending of the government grant to create Changing Places toilets there.
Once completed it will also include a standard disabled toilet and baby changing, facilities and standard toilets.
“The officers are working hard to make sure we deliver a facility that is fit for purpose and that covers every aspect of society including the Changing Places-style toilets which I think will be a massive asset to the town,” Coun Bingham said. “People do pick where to go shopping if the facilities are there for them.
“Work has begun in earnest as we’ve received some government funding and needs to be done, which makes it feel like a long winded event.
“The rest of the work is going through the process of being tendered, hence the delay.
“We’re looking at the full work in its entirety in May next year.”
It will also include space for storage for council staff with increased usage one of the ways the council hopes will deter vandals.
“It’s being done in a way to limit vandalism,” Coun Bingham continued. “I’d love to say that it will be vandal proof but we have to take into consideration the possibility of vandalism, which we have done.
“If we do have an issue it can easily and quickly be prepared to make sure we have that facility for the town.
“We’ve requested stand alone camera to cover non-invasive aspects and see comings and goings, as none of us wish for any of this hard work to be ruined by the minority.
“I don’t believe we’ve quoted for automatic locking like we have done on some.
“At the moment they will be manually done.”

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