Goodfellows School as it stands currently.

Where was Spalding school time capsule buried?

Do you know where a time capsule was buried on a soon to be demolished school?

Kevin Scott and his friends dating back from the Goodfellows School are sure one was put into the ground in the mid 1970s, but none of them are sure where.

The Spalding Common, building, which has stood since 1871, is due to be demolished soon to make way for a new care home.

Inspired by last week’s article in the Spalding Voice, they’re trying to remember where the time capsule was buried so they can open it, see what’s inside and possibly look to rebury it with new memorabilia.

Kevin was a pupil at the school from 1968 to 1978 and now a granddad, he only lives around the corner from the former school.

He said: “The developers are willing to dig it up for us, the only problem is none of us are 100 per cent sure where it is.

“We had a reunion a couple of years back after one of our old school friends died and now have a Facebook group.

“The time capsule was mentioned then and we’ve been talking about it for two years, but none of us agree when and where it was buried.

“I think it was in 1975 or 1976, because I think I was off school at the time because I’d fractured my leg playing football at the time.”

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