Lincoln Magistrates Court

Weston man who stole cameras changed plea to guilty after being shown CCTV

A Weston man who burgled a Spalding business has been fined £225.

Ricky Heaviside initially denied taking two digital cameras worth £800 from Premier Property
Management in Swan Street.

But the 31-year-old changed his plea after seeing CCTV images and admitted burglary on February 5
when he appeared before Lincoln Magistrates’ Court today (Wednesday).

Prosecutor Paul Wood said Heaviside was working with an accomplice who acted as a lookout.

“They were seen at 7 in the morning loitering outside. Mr Heaviside was seen to enter the
premises,” added Mr Wood.

Internal CCTV footage showed the defendant taking a bag which contained a Canon camera worth
£550 and a Samsung Gear camera worth £250.

The court was told that further footage from the alleged accomplice’s address showed the two men
before and after the incident, wearing the same clothes.

Mark Wood, mitigating, said: “What’s quite clear is the rear side door was actually ajar.

“The two of them were walking past and noticed it was open. My client foolishly went in and
decided to have a look round.”

The solicitor, who said his client was getting support for drug issues, added that the cameras had
been sold and the proceeds shared.

As well as the fine, Heaviside, of Small Drove, was ordered to pay £400 compensation, £85 costs and
£34 victim surcharge.

The court was told that his co-defendant had pleaded not guilty and was due to stand trial in

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