Weller’s all gold

Nine ladies who had won previous monthly medals throughout 2020 competed for the prestigious Gold Medal at Spalding Golf Club last week.

In windy conditions, Nicky Weller came out triumphant with a net 74 and Barbara Newcombe was second with a net 77.

A fun team competition was played on the same day, with the winning team being Sally West, Jane Blom, Kay Green and Jane Thompson.

* Tydd St Giles Golf Club results: Men’s section: April Medal: D1 – 1st Peter Wheeler 84-12=72 (ocb); 2nd James Hale-Smith 83-11=72 (ocb); 3rd Scott Williams 84-12=72, D2 – 1st Mark Cooper 84-14=69 (ocb); 2nd Craig Garner 86-17=69; 3rd Terry Alcock 89-18=71. D3 – 1st Chris Simmonds 94-25=69; 2nd Isaac Chaplain-Barton 89-20=69; 3rd Keith Power 99-27=72. February pairs catch up – 1st John Nobbs & Tim Murphy 44pts; 2nd John Roberts & Tom Ainsley 44pts; 3rd Tim Hines & David Leedle 44pts.

* Ladies’ section: Easter Bonnet Competition – 1st Christine Young 34pts; 2nd Susan Watson 32pts; 3rd Maie Osborn 31pts (ocb).

* Seniors’ section: Monthly Medal: D1 – Andy Betts 77-12=69, 2nd Peter Wheeler 81-12=69; 3rd Chris Moore 89-15=74. D2 – 1st Andrew Stacey 92-20=72; 2nd Steve Skoulding 90-17=73; 3rd Ron Colledge 93-19=74. D3 – 1st Ken Walker 93-26=67; 2nd David Pluck 89-21=68; 3rd David Leedle 94-25=69. D4 – 1st Terry Sambridge 101-27=74; 2nd John Elliott 102-28=74; 3rd Derek Martin 108-28=80.

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