Anthony Grunwell with one of the water taxis

Water taxi boats to be hired out

Spalding’s Water Taxis are to return to the water this summer, but only to hire out.

The popular attraction hasn’t been able to operate as a regular taxi service between the town and Springfields and wasn’t able to run at all last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.
But the easing of some of those restrictions mean that from May, the boats can be hired privately.
Anthony Grunwell is the main man behind Spalding Water Taxi’s operations.
“We desperately want to open the water taxi up as it was before, but there’s a feeling it’s a little bit irresponsible to do that at this stage in terms of restrictions,” he said. “But we’re also desperate to get people out there on the water.
“With restrictions as they currently are we don’t think it is safe to have up to 14 strangers in enclosed boats.
“But offering self-drive, families or bubbles can take a boat out along the river.
“The boats are easy to drive, can be taken out for two, four or eight hours and we can make sure that after someone’s used them they can be properly sanitised for the next people.”
From May 1 the boats can be hired for a two hour evening cruise for £65, £100 for four hours and £160 for a full day.
There are four boats ready to go for the summer season.
“It’s a fantastic feeling being out on the water.
“There’s the fresh air and you’re unhindered by other people.”
To book a boat you can contact Anthony on 01406 380 532 or 07740 664017 or email

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